Available courses

Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) is the flagship certification program of Kerala Blockchain Academy, which aims to provide basic knowledge on Blockchain – the most disruptive technologies since the Internet. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it accommodates latest happenings in the Blockchain space which will be easily understandable for everyone. While the majority of the contents are theoretical, the CBA program also has 5 – 6 hours of lab sessions which aims to provide hands-on experience for the aspiring Blockchain developers. This program is offered in collaboration with MLG Blockchain, Canada.

Certified Blockchain Business Professional (CBP) Program is handcrafted for candidates from Business background and Entrepreneurs who may or may not have a programming background. This specially curated program covers the business aspects of Blockchain and gives a deep knowledge of potential business disruptions accelerated by Blockchain. CBP Program does not have any lab components and thus there are no prerequisites for this program. The detailed curriculum is given below:

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • History of Blockchain and Bitcoin Networks
  • Types of Blockchain – Ethereum and Hyperledger
  • Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Blockchain – Current Business Perspectives
  • Token Economy and ICO
  • Potential Disruptions with Blockchain
  • Overview of various Blockchain Networks – IOTA, Corda, Ripple, EOS, TRON
  • Advanced Projects – IPFS, BigChainDB, Steem
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Umbrella Projects
  • Blockchain: Ongoing Government / Public Initiatives
  • Blockchain Usecases – Session 1 – Supply-chain Management, Healthcare and Identity Management
  • Blockchain Usecases – Session 2 – Smart Cities, Land Registry, Finance & Banking
  • Blockchain Business – Interaction with a Mentor
  • Online Quiz & Business Plan Presentation

Certified Ethereum Developer course is highly lab intensive which require advanced web development knowledge. But we have designed the program in such a way that in the first week, the basics of Decentralized Application Development and Ethereum will be taught and on completing the required number of assignments and exercises and in the second week, the advanced concepts in Ethereum and dApp development will be covered.  The detailed curriculum is given below:

Week 1

Week 2

  • Ethereum Clients (Advanced) - Geth Multi-Node Setup
  • Introduction to Truffle
  • Integrating Truffle with Node.JS for dApp Development
  • Web3 Browser Signed Transaction
  • Web3 Server Signed Transaction
  • Testing dApps
  • Introduction to IPFS
  • Best Practices in dApp Development
  • Advanced Concepts in Ethereum
  • Assignments + QUIZ 2 + Final Project Discussion

Certified Hyperledger Developer course is supremely lab intensive. We have designed the program in such a way that, in the first week,  the participant will get to learn about the basics of Decentralized Application Development and Hyperledger and upon completing the required number of assignments and exercises, the advanced concepts in Hyperledger and dApp development will be covered. The detailed curriculum is given below:

Week 1

  • Review of Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) Program
  • Introduction to Hyperledger
  • Sawtooth Components
  • Prerequisites & Dev Setup
  • Sawtooth Application Fundamentals
  • Sawtooth Application Fundamentals - REST API & CLI
  • Sawtooth Application Fundamentals using Hello World program
  • Sawtooth Client
  • Sawtooth TP
  • Assignments + QUIZ 1

Week 2

  • Transaction Families
  • Permissions
  • Events and Transaction Receipts Theory
  • Events & Subscriptions
  • Sawtooth Consensus & PoET
  • Sawtooth Consensus & PoET & App development day discussion
  • MultiNode setup
  • Real World Examples & Architectures
  • Sawtooth 1.1 & latest developments
  • Assignments + QUIZ 2 + Final Project Discussion

Corda Developer Course, provide developers with the knowledge to build and deploy Cordapp on the Corda platform. Corda is a blockchain inspired platform, that work as a distributed ledger which is mainly designed for business. Corda enables companies to transact directly with each other, with the help of smart contract and distributed ledger technology. Corda enables business systems to lessen transaction and record keeping cost. Corda enables organizations to collaborate and transfer values directly with trust.

Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club (KBAIC) is a novel initiative by Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) to help students from academic institutions across the country to explore deep into the potential of the blockchain technology. KBAIC provides an opportunity to work closely with experts and experiment the latest advancements in this domain. This will also help students to build their career in the disruptive world of blockchain.