Frequently Asked Questions

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You can register to the platform by clicking the 'Register' button. Once you complete the registration you can enrol for the courses by clicking the 'Start Now' button.
Once you complete registration, you can login to the platform with your credentials and enroll for the courses you are interested in.
You’ll get automatic access to the course materials once you enrol to the course.
You are free to complete the course at your own pace. Your progress will be saved in the platform and you can resume from where you stopped when you are free.
In case, the learner is having technical problems, the first contact should be the Technical Support. Learners may write to for assistance.
As per the institutional norms, course fees are non-refundable.
There is no timeframe for free blockchain programs offered by us. The learner gets life-time access to the course content and is eligible for the certification upon successful completion of the selection criteria.
Content access is life-time for paid enrollees and those enrolled for the foundation programs. However, once certified, you won't be able to attempt the quizzes.
You can edit your details by clicking the 'Profile' button then select 'Settings' and choose option 'General'. Then update the fields.
Go to Profile -> Settings -> Password -> ether current password and new password -> click save changes
Once you successfully complete a course, the platform will automatically generate your certificate. You can download and share the same.

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